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While many breeders of walking horses focus on the stallions, and we do, I also believe in the bloodlines and dominant traits of the best GAITED mares. It has taken many years to assemble our stable of world class mares. I believe not enough emphasis is put on the mares in many breeding programs. A stallion may breed many mares, but it is the mare that gives credibility to the stallion. The percentage of quality foals will be in direct proportion to the percentage of quality mares bred to Jose’ De Elrey and Generator?s Man of Color. Our all mares have been chosen carefully based on bloodlines, conformation, gait, beauty, and temperament.
Conformation is critical in producing a good-moving, gaited Tennessee walking horse and a comfortable ride, regardless of your plans for show or trail. We breed for conformation, gait, and temperament. We breed for a natural overstride in the horse?s gait. We breed for beauty and color. If you want all the best bloodlines, gait and a beautiful foal, look no further than A walking horse ranch.

Forbidden Desire

Im Genuine Command

Lady Sheeba

Motown Girl Pusher Master

Score’s Dixie Chick

Watchin Monica