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Breeding Program

We have the ingredients!

The ingredients of generations of some of the most sought after selectively bred Tennessee Walkers to date.

In order to be successful in breeding, it takes more than just ?luck?. You start with outstanding bloodlines from both your stallions and mares, well thought out plans, and the best ingredients. This is the difference between owning gaited horses and breeding gaited horses. There is an even greater difference between breeding gaited horses, and developing and implementing a ?World Class? breeding program.
While many breeders of walking horses focus on the stallions, and we do, I also believe in the bloodlines and dominant traits of the best mares. It has taken many years to assemble our stable of world class mares. ?I believe not enough emphasis is put on the mares in many breeding programs. A stallion may breed many mares, but it is the mare that gives credibility to the stallion. The percentage of quality foals will be in direct proportion to the percentage of quality mares bred to Jose’ De Elrey and Generator?s Man of Color. Our all mares have been chosen carefully based on bloodlines, conformations, gait, beauty, and temperament.

My choice of Jos? De Elrey is due to his impeccable bloodlines. All his foals will have Jose Jose ,Gen?s Major General, Pride?s Stormy Night, Pride of Midnight HF, Sun?s Delight D, A Comand Performance, Midnight Sun, and Pride of Stanley on their papers. Jos? De Elrey is a magnificent 16 hand solid black stallion by World Champion Jose Jose – the greatest stallion living today. His dam is half sister of ?I?m In Command, Back in Command and He?s Puttin’ On the Ritz. Jos? De Elrey was chosen for our breeding program because he is the most naturally-going gaited stallion I have ever seen. ?He brings correct conformation and a beautiful plantation pleasure gait to the show ring.

Generator’s Man of Color
$500 LFG

Breeding Contract
Shipped Semen Contract

My choice of Generator?s Man of Color is due to his fantastic bloodlines for a cremello stallion which will produce foals of color. All his foals will have Pride?s Generator, Pride of Midnight, Midnight Sun (two time world grand champion), Pride of Stanley, PRM Sequoia Sky Walker, Pride?s Hallelujah, Delight Ironworker and Spirit of Midnight. This sets him above all other gaited cremello stallions. Generator?s Man of Color has been tested at the University of California, Davis. with the following results: e/e, A/a, Cr/Cr. This means he will produce foals of color, depending on the mare. The following colors will be produced by Generator?s Man of Color: Buckskin, Palomino, cremello, perlino, champagne, smoky cream, smoky black, or a combination of any of the above with white. Chestnut and sorrel mares will always produce a palomino foal with Generator?s Man of Color.

Jose?s Olympic Gold

$1000 LFG

Breeding Contract
Shipped Semen Contract

Jose’s Olympic Gold is the only palomino stallion in the whole Jose Jose bloodline standing at stud for breeding to date. JOG’s sire is Jose De Elrey and his dam is Motown Girl Pushmaster. So not only does he come from a great bloodline, he has a colorful bloodline too. The following horses are on his pedigree: Jose’ Jose’, Chance’s Ivory Mist, Gen.’s Major General, Majestic Gold, Pusher All Color, Pride’s Generator, Pride of Midnight H.F., the PusherC.G., and Motown Magic.?
Jose’s Olympic Gold is a big 16 hand muscular stallion. He will put size on your foals.

Conformation is critical in producing a good-moving, gaited Tennessee walking horse and a comfortable ride, regardless of your plans for show or trail. We breed for conformation, gait, and temperament. We breed for a natural overstride in the horse?s gait. We breed for beauty and color. If you want all the best bloodlines, gait and a beautiful foal, look no further than A walking horse ranch.

Introducing Generator’s Man of Color and Jose’ De Elrey to Shelbyville Tennessee for the? 2009 Celebration. We are letting all the mare owners know about our stallions?on the billboard on?HWY 231.