SPRING OPEN HOUSE MAY 30, 2020 This is a outdoor event.

OPEN BARN HOUSE to see the new foals and clinicians on May 30, 2020.

The Rain Date will be June 6, 2020.

You will not want to miss this. Here’s are line up of events.

  • Connie Harris, Clinton Anderson Method Ambassador, will demonstrate the training she did with my personal horse, MIA. Connie has been training horses, teaching lessons, and doing small clinics in the Fundamentals Level of the Clinton Anderson Method since 2016. Connie is a Certified Clinton Anderson Clinician. There will be time allowed for questions.
  • Glee Hastings, Equine Proper Beginnings, will demonstrate the training she did with my personal horse, Dancin In The Moonlight. Glee teaches the Spanish Dance, Liberty, Side Passing, Desensitization, A+ manners,? Trail & Obstacle Exposure, body control & more. Glee is accepting 2019 and 2020 fillies at this time. There will be time allowed for questions.
  • Larry Cox, owner of Christie Saddlery, custom builds his own saddle trees in-house for your horse. Most saddle makers buy their trees already made, so they are not really custom. larry will demonstrate the custom saddles that he has made for three of our horses. Fits like a glove and oh, my knees and seat don’t hurt. There will be time allowed for questions.

MEET ALL THE NEW TENNESSEE WALKING HORSE FOALS BORN IN APRIL AND MAY 2020 sired by Generator’s Man of Color, Jose De Elrey and Jose’s Olympic Gold.



For reservations please email awalkinghorseranch@gmail.com. You will be sent directions to the barn a few days before May 30, 2020.

Please note: Because we are handling stallions and mares with foals, this is an Adult Event Only. Mares are very protective of their babies. DO NOT BRING YOUR HORSE. Pets are not allowed. You will be checked at the gate before entering. Please do not wear sandals. Bring a chair. We will be walking from pasture to pasture. Only people with boots on will be able to enter pastures where horses are.

Bring a light weight chair. Wear boots, we will do some walking, no sandals. We have lots of electric fencing, hotwire, it shocks, don’t touch it. I’m working on getting a food truck, will post it here if I can get one. It depends on the RSVPs. I will send you the directions with the words GATE PASS in the subject line, which will get you through the gate.

We are looking forward to meeting new hore friends and we always enjoy seeing all our horse friends.