Spotted Gaited Tennessee Walking Horses, Naturally Gaited TWH Breeders.

We are breeders of naturally gaited Tennessee Walking Horses, located in Terrell Texas. Our Walking Horse Ranch is the home of Tennessee Walker stallions: Jose De Elrey and Generator’s Man of Color. We have gaited horses for sale for trail riding, show or pleasure.

We focus on breeding and raising our top quality gaited Tennessee Walking Horses. We breed for naturally gaited flat shod horses for show or pleasure. Our broodmares come from champion TWH stock and is handpicked and carefully chosen for our breeding program. We look at conformation, bloodlines, disposition, gait and color.

We truly love breeding and raising our own TWH foals to go to excellent loving homes. All of our Tennessee Walkers and Spotted Horses for sale are handled from birth with foal training.

With our reputation of being a top Breeder of Tennessee Walkers, we have sold our horses to many notable people, and just recently sold one to Johnny Depp.



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We have palominos, creamy buckskins, dark buckskins, cremellos, spotted black & whites, blue eye horses, chestnut with flaxen mane & tail, and more colors.

The valuable early training exposes the foals to a productive stress-free learning environment, making all future handling and training simple, more safe, enjoyable, and effective for both the horse and the owner. Our pre-weanlings have a foundation of learning skills and trust that the majority of older horses never achieve.
Interaction between the foal and human from birth develops trust and trainability to achieve discipline and trust. New foal training pictures will be posted on the training page soon.

At A Walking Horse Ranch, our mission is to educate people on a better understanding of what the Tennessee Walking Horse is all about. The Tennessee Walking Horse was originally bred in middle Tennessee. The TWH is a composition of Canadian Pacer and Narragansett, Standardbred, Thoroughbred, Morgan and the American Saddlebred. With its naturally smooth gait, calm temperament and amazing versatility, there is no equine equal to the Tennessee Walking Horse. Our goal is to breed horses with calm docile temperaments, combined with naturally smooth easy going gaits for a smooth ride in the saddle for show or trail. We admire their stunning beauty and grace, and want to share that with others.

We sell both from our farm and online.  We can provide you with references from our buyers who have purchased foals from us over the internet. You know what you are getting when you purchase a Tennessee walking horse from A Walking Horse Ranch.