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Congratulations to: The Leon Family
Location: Dominician Republic Santos Domingo
Horse's Name: Lily Blue Eyes by GMC and Ana
Gender: Filly


Customer Comments

Hello Marsha! I'm Ana, the mother of Lily. I'm writing to tell you just how delighted I am with Lily!!! She's great and I believe she is the perfect match for me! Since the first day we met, we instantly clicked. She's sooo gorgeous and elegant. I love her! We spent the whole week-end together at the barn so she could get to know me, and by Sunday I could tell she already knew I would be the one taking care of her:). She is adapting really well to the warm weather, and she loves the sun. Her thick hair is already falling off. She is hungry all the time!!! And she is eating pretty well, she eats her food but also eats green grass everytime she goes out of the stall. Everytime, I took her for walk she felt happy and started to playfully jump. She is already getting to know all the horses in the stable and becoming friends with them already. She is still a little attached to Picture Perfect (PePe), but I think that will pass in several weeks. I'm so thankful for Lily. I don't have the words to express it! I hope to keep in touch so I can send you more pictures of her as the months pass by so you can see her progress. Thanks so much!!! Hugs, Ana