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Congratulations to: Libby
Location: Texas
Horse's Name: Yellow Rose of Texas by GMC
Gender: Filly


Customer Comments

Having dreamed of owning a horse my entire life, I was beginning to think it was too late. But, this winter I took two leaps of faith after getting to know Marsha and her fillies and colts. I fell in love with a gentle, sweet tempered, 8 month old and I decided for Yellow Rose of Texas, I would go where I had given up on. She is loving, gentle, sweet spirited, and very affectionate. I have been around horses my whole life, but never one as well behaved as my young Rosie. The other 5 fillies and 2 colts are equally well behaved as my sweet Rosie. Now that I have taken the leap of faith and bought my first horse-oh a mare no less. I had to figure out what to do. Marsha's excellant imprint training of all 8 babies has made my next steps very easy. Within a day rosie would let me walk up and halter her and lead her in the pasture. She learned quickly and trusted me even quicker. She had been handled well and was eager to trust and learn. She had an amazing start that was provided by Marsha. Now that she is a yearling, I am proud to say that she took a bareback pad and then a small saddle right in stride. No anxiety, no bad actions, nothing went wrong. She smelled, nibbled, and investigated and went on as if nothing had happened. She was calm, gentle, trusting and curious. I've had led her through obstacle courses with plastic sacks colored fabics and many other challenges. She has been a little startled but has moved forward into comfort very quickly. All the things Marsha had done prior to me getting Rosie made it possible for her to move forward so easily. Marsha's outstanding ground work with each baby foal prepared them to be trained even by a novice!! Bottom line, Marsha is a top notch breeder and her "babies" come ready to learn, conditioned to be handled and easier to love them by thier very own special person. I can not find enough positive words to share about how wonderful Marsha's horses-babies are. She's a great breeder who knows her stuff. I look forward to years of loving and riding Rosie. She is already my best friend. Be encouraged in heart and united in love. (Colossians 2:2b) Libby.