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Age April 22 2011
Color Palomino with a white mane and tail.
Gender Scores' Dixie Chick's Filly
Breed TWH
Reg. No Pending
Dam Score's Dixie Chick
Sire Generator's Man Of Color
Price $6000.00 SOLD to the Leon Family in the Dominican Republic
Phone 214-533-9890


Description UPDATE: See new training pictures taken in July on the training page. Update: New pictures taken July 26, 2011 of Flor in the pasture...this big beautiful filly is a walking machine. She has a big backend and high front end step during casual walking in the pasture. She is a huge, well built filly. She overtowers her sisters in height. She is currently shedding out her baby coat and is turning gold with a white mane and tail. SOLD July 20, 2011 UPDATE: See new training pictures, dated May 31, 2011 on the foal training page. UPDATE: See training page for new pictures. You will see this filly being trained for halter, leadrope, etc. We want to welcome our first gaited foal of 2011 born Friday April 22, 2011 at 4:45pm. All the pictures are less than one hour old... This filly will turn into a deep golden palomino color. In reference to the picture of the foal sitting up: I took this picture of the foal trying to stand up and she flipped over backwards and I was able to capture this shot...pretty amazing! Payment plans available.


Sire: Generator's Man Of Color    
Dam: Score's Dixie Chick